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Top 7 Reasons Why Being Immortal Sucks

1 Blowing out all those candles
2 After the first 1000 years its all the same
3 Never discover the 'mystery of death'
4 Everyone you ever loved will die before you
5 If you had aids, man you're screwed
6 An eternity of alimoney
7 Just TRY and withdraw from the account you opened 140 years back.


  1. Marcel@FD said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Utter crap.

    Being immortal would be awesome. You go ahead and die without a fight but don't you dare try to dissuade or prevent others from achieving that goal. Achieving immortality is more of a possibility every day.

    While outliving the universe itself seems far fetched I would rather I be the one to find out how likely it is than be forced to comply with somebody elses assumptions on the subject.
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