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Top 7 Swimming Pool Mistakes

1 Diving head first into the shallow end
2 Humping the drain
3 Peeing in the pool is okay, but peeing INTO the pool...
4 After the first bite you realize that it really was not a Baby Ruth
5 Belly Flops
6 Throwing the cat in with you!
7 Trying out your new concrete "swimming shoes"

Top 7 Reasons Why Being Immortal Sucks

1 Blowing out all those candles
2 After the first 1000 years its all the same
3 Never discover the 'mystery of death'
4 Everyone you ever loved will die before you
5 If you had aids, man you're screwed
6 An eternity of alimoney
7 Just TRY and withdraw from the account you opened 140 years back.

Top 5 Banned Board Games

1 Scene It? Pornography
2 Don't Rape Daddy!
3 Clue: Special Victims Unit
4 Monopoly: Mobster Edition
5 The Game of Death

Top 20 Myths That Aren't Likely To Be On Mythbusters Anytime Soon - Part 02/02

11 The truth about Jamie's mustache.
12 Is Adam smarter than a fifth-grader?
13 Do goldfish bounce?
14 Does chewing gum really lose its flavor?
15 Just how much junk does Adam have in his home?
16 Who the Sam Hill is Sam Hill?
17 Is Buster the only dummy at M5?
18 Is there a law against talking in elevators?
19 The Way of the Weasel: Is it TRUE?
20 Killer Videotapes

Top 20 Myths That Aren't Likely To Be On Mythbusters Anytime Soon - Part 01/02

1 Alka-Seltzer and Seagulls: Eplosively funny
2 Can you really kick out the rear window of a cop car in high heels?
3 How many ways are there to skin a cat?
4 What is the fastest way to break up a fight?
5 How many ways can a cookie crumble?
6 How many Mythbusters can squeeze into a VW Beetle?
7 Can you really blow up Parliament ala Guy Fawkes?
8 Is it possible to kill a man using Christmas garland from the tree?
9 Rice and birds...
10 Just how weird is the Large Intestine Guy?

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